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Lisa is often referred to as a Transformation Catalyst and Communication Expert.  Her ability to engage audiences in transformational thinking helps create shifts in mindsets and perceptions and inspire action.  Learn more about Lisa’s Keynote Speaking opportunities.

Speaker Trainer

Public speaking is the #1 way to gain credibility, grow your business or get noticed as a thought leader. Being an exceptional speaker is now a necessity if you want to expand your influence and have a bigger impact in both corporate and business arenas.

Research shows that that trained women speakers are in high demand but in short supply. To meet this demand, Lisa launched Emerging Women Speaker’s Academy to help women short-cut their learning, receiving world-class training, and get in  front of their ideal audience sooner.

Click here to for more details about the Emerging Women Speakers Academy (EWSA ) or to connect with us.

Whether in transition or moving towards lifelong dreams, Lisa ‘s clients experience freedom, significant progress and noticeable shifts in their ability to do more than they thought possible. Through one-on-one, group coaching, or specialized programs Lisa coaches and trains with authenticity, discernment and laser-focused wisdom.  Connect with Lisa for more information!

Lisa is a Certified Personal & Executive Life Coach ,as well as, a Certified World Class Speaking Coach. For more than 25 years, she has worked with  leaders and teams in both non-profit and corporate settings to enhance productivity and performance, as well as expand one’s unique personal capacity.  While she has worked with both male and female clients, her passion is coaching and training women leaders to fulfill their purpose and become a strong, & positive voice of influence. With her extensive educational background and years of experience as a public speaker and coach, Lisa is a forerunner in equipping women leaders to speak and lead with increased clarity, confidence, and transformational impact.  She is certified through Coach U and CAPP Institute .

Nonverbal Signals

Silence is Powerful! This is true sometimes for life and in public speaking. There are times that silence , or a pause while public speaking communicates more than words ever could. However, not just any pause or silence will have the same effect. A skilled speaker...
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How to Avoid Losing your Audience

Have you ever listened to a speaker and at some point started zoning out? You are not alone!  If you are the speaker, this is one of the things you want to AVOID– having your audience disengage, tune you out, or worse – just walk out! We live in an age of...
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Her Speech Changed History

One Speech that Changed the Future for Women and Children!   An article in the local newspaper caught my attention today, as it reminded us that today, April 16, marked 100 years since Alberta women were granted the right to vote. In her article, Paula Simon...
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How to Lose your Audience

4 Biggest Mistakes Women Speakers Make and How to Avoid Them!