5 Confidence Stealers that can Sabotage your Success!


Research shows that having confidence still remains an important, though elusive, characteristic for many women seeking promotions in the workplace? A recent article by FORTUNE  reporting on the findings of a study conducted by KPMG,  revealed that 63% of respondents cited confidence as a top characteristic of leaders, but 6 out of 10 women said they find it hard to see themselves as leaders.

One respondent was quoted to say, “I wish I would have learned to be confident and stand up for my beliefs. Just to never be afraid of what others think.”  The solution to helping women prepare for and do well in leadership positions was in making training more accessible. In particular, Debbie Messemer (@DebbieMessemer), reflecting back on her career, said that there was a time that she knew she had the experience and attributes to be successful in (leadership ) roles but lacked the confidence to raise her hand...

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Eliminating Bias Can Be Unhealthy !


Have you noticed  lately a lot of articles circulating on the topic of eliminating bias in the workplace or within organizations?   Over the past week I have had numerous posts and articles show up on my newsfeed on Linkedin. It seems that the corporations are promoting this concept as an important goal to set especially in interview and assessment procedures.

Well, I disagree.!!  It sounds nice, maybe even sensible , but in reality it is unrealistic and impossible to achieve!

I understand where companies are coming from. Corporations feel the pressure to create an inclusive and equal opportunity environment , while maintain high levels of productivity and performance! The truth is that most organizations are struggling with this and don't know how to create such an environment. While it all sounds good, trying to eliminate all bias is actually destructive to an organization and to humanity as a whole and here's why.

Our bias is a perspective that is shaped by a...

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2 Skills that Will Set You Apart

Have you ever wondered why some people go farther in their career, or attract more doors of opportunity  than others in the same industry?

Is there something one is doing differently that we can learn from?

Twenty to thirty years ago, having a  degree from university or college almost guaranteed you would be able to land a good job. In fact, not long ago, it was your educational credentials that gave you the edge over others applying for the same job. However, that is not the case for the millennial generation.  Studies show that today, if two people who are highly educated and equipped with the same technical skills applied for a particular job position,the person with highly developed "soft skills" would most likely get the job.

                                                2 Skills Blog image

What exactly are these soft skills and how...

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How to Avoid Losing Your Audience!


Have you ever listened to a speaker and at some point started zoning out? You are not alone!  If you are the speaker, this is one of the things you want to AVOID- having your audience disengage, tune you out, or worse - just walk out!

Do you struggle with How do you know which content to put in a message and which to leave outWe live in an age of information saturation! The content you give your audience needs to be valuable, but not overwhelming. One of the biggest struggles I hear over and over from emerging speakers is about putting together a message . Just this week again, someone asked me,

 "How do I take all the ideas in my head and put them into a message that is concise and compelling?"

His question reveals a common frustration so many speakers face. Perhaps you can relate to this struggle? Do you have a desire to share your experience or expertise with the world but don't know how to pull it all together? Or maybe you just put it all in and don't know where to stop. As a result, you end up running out of time when...

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Silence is Powerful!

This is true sometimes for life and in public speaking. There are times that silence , or a pause while public speaking communicates more than words ever could. However, not just any pause or silence will have the same effect.

A skilled speaker would know when and how to placeit in the presentation for maximum impact.  Nonverbal communication is often overlooked except when it is totally off, not matching the verbal communication. Most speakers put more emphasis on getting out their content, and forget that over 90 % of what makes up effective, dynamic communication is the nonverbal language. Your body language speaks before you open your mouth! So how you show up is either enhancing or eroding your verbal message.  Google defines "body language" as "the process of communicating nonverbally through conscious or unconscious gestures and movements."

Most speakers don't realize that their unconscious movements may be affecting the audience's ability to...

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