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Having strong speaking skills is no longer a ‘nice to have’ skill set, it’s a MUST HAVE skill for those in leadership or positions of influence. Whether you own your own business, work for an organization or are in transition, knowing how to share your expertise clearly, confidently and with passion is key to having your message ‘heard.’  Men and women with highly developed communication skills are in big demand.  Research shows that those who invest in improving their communication skills experience greater success and become more influential. Contact Lisa, a leadership coach for women in Edmonton, AB, to discuss how a customized training program or Keynote session can add value to your organization or at your next event.

Why Lisa

With over 25 years of leadership experience, and credentialed as a Certified Executive & Personal Life Coach and World Class Speaking Coach, Lisa, our executive coach for women, is uniquely equipped to work with men and women in positions of influence who want to expand their leadership capacity and fine-tune their communication skills so they can lead with increased confidence, clarity, and transformational impact!

Emerging Women Speakers Academy

Lisa is  also the Founder and CEO of the Emerging Women Speakers Academy™, an online training academy designed to equip women leaders who want to improve their public speaking skills so they can stand with confidence, speak with clarity and lead with transformational impact!

Several years ago, Lisa quickly became aware of the challenges of being a woman in leadership, and the lack of mentors and role models for women.

She made a decision then to glean from women leaders who modelled the skills she wanted and took every opportunity to learn from , and hire coaches and mentors. As a result, Lisa overcame  her fears, expanded her personal capacity,  and sharpened her communication skills to the point where she now trains and coaches others to communicate more effectively.

 To join a similar community of like-minded women visit the Emerging Women Speakers Academy today.

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