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Have you ever wondered what your purpose in life is? What are you put on this earth to do?

If you are like most people, you may ponder these questions A LOT!  Several years ago, my coach asked me this question:

How are other people’s lives better after interacting with you?”

The answer to this question led to the discovery of my purpose. (In fact, your purpose can be discovered as you answer this question for yourself.)

Purpose is connected with identity and passion. This often gets confirmed by by others who describe how you impacted them.

  • Igniter of hearts and dreams
  • Catalyst for freedom.
  • Fire starter  – activating fresh vision and strategy to move forward.
  • Transformational communicator
  • High-capacity leader & trainer

How I carry out my purpose is through speaking, writing, and coaching people like you who want to :

engage in wholehearted connections,

embrace the process of becoming fully alive, and

expand your personal capacity to do more with what you have been given.

I was first a daughter, the youngest in a family of 7 children. I became a mother, wife and mentor. I love seeing lives transformed. I am a creative thinker and catalyst for change. Lover of God and pursuer of His fullness! I love fragrant flowers and glowing sunsets and experiencing the beauty of nature in every season. 

Like so many other women leaders, I felt incompetent when I first found myself in a position of influence. The sheer joy of seeing lives transformed kept me moving forward , and gave me the motivation to seek out mentors and coaches to help me expand my capacity and embrace my uniqueness.

As I passed on to others all that I learned,  I saw countless men and women walk away feeling strengthened in their confidence and understanding of their true identity, and better equipped to pursue their calling with renewed focus.   Early on I realized that your positive influence as a leader, is directly linked to the level of commitment you have to engage in the ongoing  process of your own personal transformation.

 I am grateful for my mentors along the way, who believed in me and challenged me to step forward to embrace opportunities with courage and faith.These opportunities led me out of my comfort zone and into fast-track learning zones!! I learned very quickly how to “get comfortable with being uncomfortable.” And the truth is, that’s when I grew the most- when I was way out of my league. That’s one of the reasons that I have come to value and embrace  “change” so much.  Over the years, I have discovered from personal experience and from coaching others, that true success and fulfillment comes when you pursue fullness in life and love. This includes not settling for status quo but rather living true to who you are designed to be- the Real You!


  • Overcame paralyzing fears of all kinds.
  • Former Speech-Language Pathologist
  • Speak Easy-  my first business (1994) offering Accent reduction Coaching
  • Coached young emerging leaders on university campuses, and in private sectors  -1990-2007
  • Developed training manuals and programs for leadership and team training programs
  • Provided ongoing coaching and mentoring to leaders of various non-profit organizations (1990-2009)
  • Project manager –  developed the structures and systems needed to have an efficiently run and effective ministry or program within non-profit organizations.

Education & Media

  • BA (Honors) -Linguistics , U of Ottawa
  • MSc. (Speech-Language Pathology), UBC
  • MCS (Christian Studies) -Regent College
  • Corporate Life Coach Certification – Coach U -2008
  • Path Elements Training/Coaching Diploma
  • Accent Reduction Coaching Program
  • World Class Speaking Coach Certification
  • Certified Personal and Executive Life Coach  – CAPP Institute
  • Author of 4 Books, 2 became Amazon Best-Sellers.
  • Founded  REAL U inc.©, a personal development coaching and publishing company in 2008,
  • Launched Emerging Women Speakers Academy (EWSA). EWSA is designed as a place where women in positions of leadership and influence,  can get practical training to develop the communication skills necessary to make a maximum impact on the people they lead and interact with.
  • Writes a bi-weekly column in the Beaumont Newspaper called Speak & Succeed.



What is Coaching?

Coaching is an emerging profession that has the power to help people transform their personal and professional lives. It is focused on helping people get unstuck and become free to lead the life they are designed for. A coach provides skilled teaching and training to help individuals get clear on their identity, achieve specific goals, such as expanding their career capacity, improving relationships, overcoming fear, and achieving personal dreams. Positive psychology is the scientific study of what happens when things go right in life. Lisa’s coaching combines her training in spiritual direction, communication, positive psychology and  REAL U™ leadership blueprint.

In every season of life, Lisa has discovered there are 5 important keys to unlocking a richer, fuller life. These keys form the foundation of all she does and the values of her company.

Our Unique Culture

REAL U™ is an acronym that represents the mission of REAL U Inc™  and the guiding principles that undergird the company culture and all that we offer.

R- Relationships that engage the heart. Meaningful connections are key to thriving in life and successfully fulfilling your life goals and dreams.This requires a willingness to connect wholeheartedly and with integrity.

Whether you want to go to the next level in personal, or professional growth,  your relationships  play a key role. Surrounding yourself with people who are visionaries and promote faith, optimism and truth, helps to  promote a healthy environment to thrive. You can not walk in the fullness of your capacity and achieve your dreams by yourself. Key relationships include, with God, with yourself, and with family and close friendships.

E-  Embracing change as your friend. By learning to engage the process of change and transformation, you will discover the freedom to embrace fullness over perfection and  experience a richer, more fulfilling life.

Choosing to have a growth mindset in all aspects of life, and learning from the disappointments and challenges you face, will strengthen and nurture a resilient and powerful spirit, and refine your character.

A – Authentic communication. The health of relationships will be determined by the health of the communication. Choosing to live authentically, including being honest, vulnerable, and compassionate while maintaining integrity  and aligning your actions to your core values, passions, identity  and strengths, will position you to fulfill your life purpose, and achieve optimal performance and productivity more consistently. This kind of communication goes beyond simply exchanging information to having deeper, more meaningful connections with each other.

Organizations have discovered that cultivating a culture of authenticity, positive emotion, and trust leads to increased performance and productivity.

L – Living the real you fully .  Being fully present requires courage and commitment to living true to who you are in every situation and creating a safe place for others to do the same. Authentic leaders make room for people to ask questions, explore possibilities and encourage them to function in their areas of greatest strength and passion. Listening to not only their words , but the heart message being conveyed makes others feel loved and valued. Living fully engaged starts with being in tune with your own soul  and being willing to step forward and go where the Spirit of Truth leads.

Being intentional and aligning your life’s goals to your unique calling will lead to increased fulfillment, and sustained happiness, for you and for those you lead.

U – Unique Contributions. Part of your life purpose involves understanding your unique combination of strengths, gifts, skills, personality traits, and experiences.

This combination makes up your unique signature offering (USO™), and as you seek to add value to the people around you by contributing from your USO™, you suddenly find yourself fulfilling your unique purpose on the earth and experiencing greater levels of “flow” in your daily actions. As you become freer to operate from this place, you become a catalyst for those around you to do the same.

Some of the moments that have helped shape who I am and how I think!

  • Born in a remote northern town, raised in small fishing village; as the youngest of 7 children.
  • Divorce of parents when I was 15.
  • Struggled with anorexia, tormenting fears, perfectionism for several years.
  • A God encounter that changed the course of my life and ignited a process of transformation that completely altered my views on life, love and spirituality.
  • Receiving a BA (Honors) in Linguistics and a MSc. (Speech-Language Pathology).
  • Getting married and becoming a mother of 3 beautiful children.
  • Falling flat on my face during my first public speaking gig – and what I learned from that experience.
  • Having the privilege of mentoring many young leaders, from all backgrounds and nationalities, and seeing them released into their destinies.
  • Getting ordained as a Christian Minister.
  • Training , equipping, leading teams for short-term missions, and experiencing miraculous works of God.
  • Speaking internationally.
  • Widowed young and having to learn how to navigate life as a single mom.
  • Stepping into the world of entrepreneurship in 2008.
  • Visiting two sponsor children  in Africa, and experiencing what life is like for them.
  • Authoring 4 books (2 of which were best-sellers).
  • Getting re-married, to my wonderful husband David (an unexpected gift from God), who came into my life when I wasn’t looking.

and the Moments continue ….

Let me know about your next event and how my keynote sessions may be of value to your organization.

Chances are, a friend or colleague referred you here, or perhaps you stumbled upon Lisa’a resources by doing a google search, or you may have heard Lisa  speak somewhere.

Whatever the reason, I am thrilled you showed up and invite you to take some time to explore the various learning resources available to you. Be sure to download the FREE gifts that are designed to empower you to Live Life FULLY engaged and activated! Check out Lisa’s regular column in the Beaumont News called Speak & Succeed

As a speaker, Lisa is often referred to as a “leader of leaders” and “a transformation catalyst.” This is because of her ability to connect with audiences deeply and easily, and to help them get unstuck and moving forward with sharper clarity and increased confidence.

Lisa desires to see men and women lead together, side-by-side, with passion, purity and powerful impact.

Yes, it is possible!

She have experienced this first-hand throughout her life, in various leadership responsibilities, and has also trained 100’s of other leaders to do the same.

Although, Lisa’s training workshops and keynotes are aimed at both genders, she recently developed an online training platform to meet the growing demand for women leaders to have highly developed public speaking skills. To learn more visit the

Many women have put their dreams on hold and have lost their voice along the way. Some felt they needed special permission to speak publicly. Over 25 years ago, when Lisa first started in public speaking, she quickly became aware of the challenges women in leadership face, and the lack of available mentors and role models. She took every opportunity to be coached and mentored by those women who demonstrated both skill and anointing , and invested financially in expanding her personal capacity and sharpening her leadership skills. Today, Lisa is  passionate about giving other women the same coaching opportunities she had, and more. so they can develop the skills to stand with confidence, speak with clarity and lead with transformational impact!

Lisa recently released her first book on public speaking in 2017 which hit #1 on Amazon and became a best seller in the first week. Becoming a transformational speaker starts with being prepared.  Pick up your copy today and find out the 8 things you need to know before you step onto any platform. To explore more of Lisa’s books and programs check out the Resource section:

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